What I’m Reading

Stopped in a small bookstore to do a little browsing and picked up The Cross Of Redemption: Uncollected Writings of James Baldwin. I am really having a ball reading this–both what he says and how he says it. His style of writing makes the little gray cells happy.  It’s interesting to see recognizable quotes in context of the entire essay/speech.

Also, I gave Leonid McGill, Walter Mosley‘s new detective, a try.  I devoured The Long Fall and promptly snatched up Known To Evil. Leonid is a PI who used to do just about anything for a price, so his clients weren’t rarely on the right side of the law–and innocent people often found their lives thrown into disarray (if not worse). He is trying to “do right” now, but the past haunts his dreams and his old underworld “friends” just aren’t ready to let him go.  Add his tumultuous homelife into the equation and it’s a wonder that Leonid hasn’t completely self-destructed.

Walter Mosley talks about The Long Fall and Leonid:

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