Virtual Reality

In my new murder/mystery/horror/adventure game, everything was moving along as expected:
is my character/the hero  a white college-aged dude who cracks wise? (check!)
is there a mysterious stranger in town? (check!)
has a beautiful woman appeared out of the blue who is attracted to me? (check!)

Then, my character goes home and finds his mother on the ground unconscious.
He calls 911 and as his mother is being taken away, the doctor says, “Oh yeah, bring her health insurance card to the hospital with you.”

Health Insurance Card? Okay… Fine, I think, the hunt for the mysterious stranger will return after we find the insurance card.

Foolish me! After visiting mother–the nurse pulled the hero to the side and explained that the insurance company claimed that mother was no longer insured because she missed last months payment!

The nurse assured him that without insurance mother would still receive treatment…but they would no longer have a house to live in…

What. The. Hell.

Our hero’s  new assignment? Find proof of payment… (sigh)

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