Writer vs. Spider

Round 1- about noon:
-Something falls on my desk-it’s a spider that tumbled out of the vent above.
-Spider, with legs all splayed out, is size of a quarter. It hides under flash drives.
-Slightly, freaked out, I look for a way to flush spider out and kill it.
–Note: Lysol kills germs, not spiders.
-Spider dives off of desk…and disappears.
-Friends tell me: it’s probably long gone, spiders like to be up high so you will catch it going up a wall, it’s off in a corner building a web, be brave, etc.

Round 2 – 9:30pm:
-It was NOT up high.
-It was not in a web.
-It was walking across the kitchen floor like this was it’s house.
-It did not run when it saw me–it stood it’s ground!
-I hit it with M’s slipper.
-Then, I put my foot in the slipper and just stood on it.
-For 2 minutes.
-Then, I looked at it smashed up against the bottom of the shoe, put it down, and stood on it some more.

Fecking spider.

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