Writer vs. Spider

Round 1- about noon:
-Something falls on my desk-it’s a spider that tumbled out of the vent above.
-Spider, with legs all splayed out, is size of a quarter. It hides under flash drives.
-Slightly, freaked out, I look for a way to flush spider out and kill it.
–Note: Lysol kills germs, not spiders.
-Spider dives off of desk…and disappears.
-Friends tell me: it’s probably long gone, spiders like to be up high so you will catch it going up a wall, it’s off in a corner building a web, be brave, etc.

Round 2 – 9:30pm:
-It was NOT up high.
-It was not in a web.
-It was walking across the kitchen floor like this was it’s house.
-It did not run when it saw me–it stood it’s ground!
-I hit it with M’s slipper.
-Then, I put my foot in the slipper and just stood on it.
-For 2 minutes.
-Then, I looked at it smashed up against the bottom of the shoe, put it down, and stood on it some more.

Fecking spider.

Published by Tawanna

Sometimes writer, most times editor. Lover of mysteries and 70s/80s horror movies. Author of The Next Girl (short story collection) and The Closet Case (mystery).

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