Getting into the Swing! of things

swingSwing! now has an official release date: April 24, 2009

Here is the table of contents:

1. Michael Hemmingson – “Movements”

2. Ashley Lister – “20 Minutes”

3. Claudia Moss – “One Weekend in Toronto”

4. M. Christian – “Bob and Carol and Ted (But Not Alice)”

5. Emerald – “What We Do”

6. Beth Wylde – “Caught in the Act”

7. Keeb Knight – “The Gerswins”

8. Jolene Hui – “Quick Fix”

9. Donna George Storey – “John Updike Made Me Do It”

10. Sage Vivant – “Costume Party”

11. Karmen Red – “Plato’s Retreat”

12. Tre Sart – “Unpacking an Adventure”

13. Neve Black – “The Party”

14. Alicia Night Orchid – “Dez Moinez”

15. D L King – “Careful What You Wish For”

16. Jeremy Edwards – “Check and Mate”

17. Randall Lang – “Our First Encounter”

18. Jacqueline Applebee – “Bravery Has Its Rewards”

19. Rick R. Reed – “Initiation”

20. Tawanna Sullivan – “Just Desserts”

21. Amanda Earl – “Ghost Swinger”

22. Michael Swanson – “The Best of Friends”

23. Lara Zielinsky – “Premises”

24. Rowan Elizabeth – “The Swing Set”

25. Jolie du Pre – “Before the Move”

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  1. Great to see everything in swing for April, Tawanna. I have the “Premises” story (#23 above) in “Swing!” I’m looking forward to my copy to get a look at everyone’s stories!

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