It’s been a long time . . .

Well, I’ve been busy:

*to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we got “civil unioned” (go NJ!)
*seen 2 stories published in anthologies
*writing a little more
*spending way too much money on pc games
*watching almost every bad horror movie fearnet throws my way
*re-reading my Agatha Christie’s
*trying to decipher my cell phone bill
*having fun with strangers on a train 🙂
*taking pictures of ugly insects in Canada
*trying to avoid cockroaches at work 😦
*slowly coming to the realization that movie popcorn w/butter is not a good thing
*lurking on gossip blogs
*fiddling with my iPod nano
*getting away with murder (well, not really)
*finding new and inventive ways to procrastinate

Published by Tawanna

Sometimes writer, most times editor. Lover of mysteries and 70s/80s horror movies. Author of The Next Girl (short story collection) and The Closet Case (mystery).

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