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The great black hope

There seems to be this hope around any “major” new black film that this one is going to be the one. We have to go out and support this movie because, just maybe, the box office receipts for this film can usher in a new wave of Hollywood produced black cinema. Head Honchos at studios will finally be willing to green-light more movies that tell our stories.

By our stories I mean movies featuring plots that revolve around fully fleshed out, nuanced black characters. (The characters are actually written as black in the script–and not just a generic role filled in by a black actor.)

Is For Colored Girls going to be the one? Probably not.

I assume that after the success of Precious, a movie that he had no hand in actually writing/directing/creating, Perry wants his own shot at Oscar glory and critical acclaim. Can’t blame him for wanting to prove himself–all artists want to grow. Maybe he will pull it off, though early reviews suggest otherwise…

Think I’ll do my part by buying and reading the book. Don’t have any interest in seeing the film, even though some of the posters do look like they could be for a horror movie…

On Precious…

I have seen a lot of horror movies. I have seen a lot of scary, cringe inducing scenes. More times than I can count, I have heard orchestral music exploding into a frenzy because the superhuman serial killer, demonic force, vengeful ghost, alien, vampire, werewolf, or mutant monster is just around the corner.

Still, I don’t think I have ever felt more dread or fear in a movie theater than when Precious returns home with her new baby.

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