None Of Your Business

Listening to Hip Hop’s History of Reproductive Justice, the 2nd episode of the Get It Right podcast, brought back to mind a song that meant a great deal to me in the early 90s: None Of Your Business by Salt-N-Pepa. Picture it: It’s 93/94, I’m in college and thinking a whole lot about my sexualContinue reading “None Of Your Business”

Meet Sensual Writers of Zane’s PURPLE PANTIES

Title – Feel the Fire: Meet Sensual Writers of Zane’s PURPLE PANTIES Date – 6/25/2009 Time – 7:00 PM PURPLE PANTIES not only boasts one of the most seductive covers of any erotic collection of stories on bookshelves today, but it also serves up beautifully crafted, sizzling, and intoxicating lesbian fiction by the industry’s topContinue reading “Meet Sensual Writers of Zane’s PURPLE PANTIES”