Tuesday Terrific: A Wrinkle In Wakanda

Different universes, I know, but wouldn’t it be great:

If Mrs. Which had visited Eric as a young teen, before his heart was too hardened by life? Or if Mrs Whatsit had taken W’kabi on a grand adventure. What if Mrs. Who talked him into goint to therapy?
Shuri is a young genius who recently lost her father. Her and Meg need to talk. Meg could use a weekend in Wakanda to get away from a world that wants to crush her spirit (and the horrible adults who say she should let it).
What would Nakia do if she learned how to tesser?
General Okoye could give Meg a different prospective about being a warrior. Wouldn’t you like to see her making sense of that field of flowers?
What if vibranium gets all of the Mrs high and they have a tessering party in the throne room?
How about Queen Ramona giving Meg’s mom parenting advice?
M’baku barking at Meg’s principle?
What if the father tessered into the ancestral plane and got chased by panthers?
What if Killmonger found Mrs. Who reading books with his father?
What if Charles Wallace rode a rhino at recess?

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