Notes From Conjure Rim!


*Suspect that someone in your group is being possessed by a demonic, child killer? Do not leave this person alone with the children.
*Do research before buying that dirt cheap house. (The Warrens were able to piece together the history of the house–without Google!)
*Ghosts are really keen to learn new games.
–Speaking of games, leave the magic mirror to Romper Roomconj2
*Find a boarded up secret room? Perhaps, you should be curious about why.
*New house? Don’t use the last owners furniture.
*From a USA Today article about the “true story” the film is based on: Andrea Perron, the oldest of the five Perron girls, now 54, says the film is “a beautiful tapestry” with “many elements of truth to it, and some moments of fiction.”
*Actor Patrick Wilson betta never look behind him

conj4 conj3


*If I have to go on a mission that requires self-sacrifice, I want Idris Elba to give me that midnight hour pep talk.pacrim13
*Jaeger(robot) vs Kaiju(monster) often resembles a WWF match.
*The Cloverfield monster is like a bratty teenager. Kaiju are like fully formed adults. Really angry adults.
*Are they beating each other with train cars? WTF?
*Oh my God! Did you see that? It went up in the air!
*Kaiju anatomy confuses me…
*What if you drift with somebody and inadvertently find out how nasty/perverted they are in private? What if the other person finds “sees” where you buried all the bodies?
*Gremlin Stripe has been reincarnated as a kaiju:

Verdict: Both movies were highly entertaining and worth seeing in theaters.

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