Love On Top Of Love: Love is Awesome

When partners are in synch and learning/growing together, love can be great.

allthislovepattiAll This Love – Patti Labelle

Lyric Snippet
After all I went and put myself through,
I found out all I needed was you.

Sometimes you meet the right person at the right time, the stars align and boom! (Even those relationships take work, but it’s more like cultivating a garden than navigating a minefield.)


yourallineedYou’re All I Need To Get By – Aretha Franklin

Lyric Snippet
As long as I got you then baby
You know that you’ve got me oh
‘Cause we’ve got our love in some
R E S P E C T oh

Because, for all the proclamations and exclamations you make to each other, love mutates into something soul sapping/spirit crushing when it’s not grounded in mutual respect.


whateverWhatever – Jill Scott

Lyric Snippet
I made a vow to you
Everything I do for you is a joy and a gift
You got my whole life lifted

That moment when you see your love and all the frustrations of the day just melt away? Priceless.


Because love has the potential to be awesome, we’re drawn to it again and again.

*I know Patti and Aretha weren’t the original artists–I just prefer their versions.

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