Documentary Film Festival In My Living Room

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The Nine Lives of Marion BarryTrailer | Website
I admit, I didn’t know anything about Marion Barry’s past as an activist before he became Mayor. When he was busted, I found myself wondering if the police and FBI put as much effort into keeping drugs out of the city as they did orchestrating the sting. Of course, the big question is how would his administration(s) have been different without the drugs and other distractions.

Being ElmoTrailer | Website
Inspiring story about following your dreams–made even better by the fact that Kevin Clash (the man behind the muppet) had the support of his folks. It’s great when parents recognize talent in a child and allow him/her to develop it–even if it looks strange to outsiders.

Been Rich All My Life – Trailer | Website
Five women who were showgirls in Harlem during the 30’s regrouped in 1985 to form The Silver Belles. This doc, shot in 2006, follows the Belles as they rehearse, perform and talk about their lives in between. As they talk about triumphs and dramas of the past, they are facing new ones: what do you do when old age/failing health start to get in the way of your passion?

When I Rise – Clip/Interview | Website
In 1957, University of Texas (Austin) student Barbara Smith Conrad won the role of Dido in the school production of Dido and Aeneas. A black Dido starring with a white Aeneas? Austin nearly lost it’s mind and all manner of bigots (including her state legislator) let their ignorance fly. Ms. Conrad was forced out of that role, but then she shamed her detractors by becoming a world-renown mezzo-soprano. 🙂

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