Do Not Get Married

That seems to be one of the messages behind Zulawski’s Possession. Here’s the deal: After being away on assignment, Mark returns home to find that his wife Anna wants to leave him. Mark wants more than ever to preserve their family (they have a son). Turns out that Anna has a lover and other secrets.

This movie is just a roller coaster ride of “what the hell…” – just when you think you have an idea of what’s going on, another twist comes out of nowhere. There are murders, lots of screaming, philosophical conversations of about the nature of god/dog, self mutilation and then it gets really weird…

My take on it: in creating idealized versions of each other, Mark and Anna ultimately sowed the seeds of their own destruction. If you are in the NYC area, it’s playing at the Film Forum until December 13th. Seeing this on a big screen is a must; I may go see it again…


Before Possession, there was a preview for a movie called Come Back, Africa (1959). The singer featured in the trailer looked familiar and I was able to find the full clip on youtube:


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