Staying Alive: a primer for wealthy people*

1) Don’t invite all of your evil, hateful relatives to dinner, tell them off one by one, and then announce your intention to cut them out of the will. You will be dead by dessert.

1a) If you MUST have this bitter feast, change your will first. Your used-to-be heirs may want you to stay alive long enough to change it back. Or someone will just kill you out of spite.

2) Traveling with a necklace worth over a quarter of a million dollars? Don’t flash it to everyone on the train (or the plane or the yacht).

3) Don’t get married to a man/woman who already has adult children–that’s just adding more potential suspects to the pool.

4) If you are traveling and notice that one of the other passengers just happens to be a world famous detective–you have my condolences.

(*with no common sense)

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