Notes from The Oxford Murders

The Premise- 2 mathematicians (one a grad student, the other a professor) team up to find/stop a serial killer who leaves mathematical/philosophical symbols as clues

The Bad
*Elijah Wood doesn’t need to do another love scene–ever. At least not one with a woman.
–Actually, it may be the character/script more than the actor. Who eats spaghetti off of their lover’s body?

Good Things
*Weird mother and daughter landlord duo–snappy, bitter, fun dialogue.
*Drunk mathematicians fighting over theorems–near gravestones!
*The open homoerotic…well, erotic isn’t quite the right word for it. Man-crush?
*It’s funny, convoluted, playful, and entertaining. So much passion in the world of numbers!

I Know What Math Problem You Solved Last Summer


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