Just Randomness

*the beach before 9am is awesome–no kids or sunbathers to trip over. just me, the waves…and the folks who smooth out the sand.
*had a grand vision of sunbathers turning into lobster people with the sun’s golden rays dripping down like butter..then I realized I was hungry….
*flipshare software and windows 7 have issues
*a belt is a good thing…especially when the waves threaten to steal your shorts
*I need to just accept the fact that I have lost enough weight to require a new wardrobe. ::sigh:: If only I had new wardrobe money…
*Being in Vegas and now Boca has got me thinking about money, wealth, class and illusions.
*i miss pelicans
*unfortunately, will miss the memorial service for elder, community activist Candice Boyce
*pleasantly surprised about the recent prop 8 ruling. unfortunately, no law in California or New Jersey is going to be of any use if something happens to M or I in Florida.
*Hibiscus-Ginger Iced Tea is a very, very good thing.

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Sometimes writer, most times editor. Lover of mysteries and 70s/80s horror movies. Author of The Next Girl (short story collection) and The Closet Case (mystery).

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