F is For Fake

Imagine that you are filming a documentary about a famous art forger. The forger has fooled art “experts” for years–without remorse. He feels that if an expert can be fooled, then it’s the so-called expert who is the real fake.

It’s also revealed that some of the art buyers knew something wasn’t quite right, but as long as museums were willing to buy…

Also, key to the documentary is an author who has written a biography of the forger. Having spent a lot of time with the forger, the author thinks that he has some special insight into what makes the old fellow tick. He comes off as rather smug in his interviews.

Now, something strange happens.

It turns out that the author himself is not above a little forgery. The subject of his new book, a reclusive gazillionaire, tells the world (via phone) that the author is a total and complete sham. The author, eventually, admits to the hoax.   Which leads one to wonder about the book about the forger…

So, you now have footage of a yet-to-be-revealed fake (author) speaking as an authority on the life/psyche of a painter of fakes.

Did I mention that you, the director, first made a name for yourself by convincing half of the country that the Martians were coming?

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