What’s Wrong With Just Wright

The Good

1) These folks are very, very easy on the eyes:

(Common was okay…but looked kind of scrawny next to the NBA players.)

2) The character Morgan (Leslie Wright’s best friend and the “other” woman.) She’s selfish, self absorbed, wants a human atm machine instead of a husband—but she does not come off as malicious. She’s not a Perry-esque meanie who’s goes out of her way to hurt our heroine–she has no idea that she’s the other woman. As soon as she realizes that Scott is in love with Leslie, she actually helps him find her.

The Bad

The Sex Scene was just so awkward… I understand wanting to represent for the big girls and wanting them to get some lovin’ on screen. They just looked so uncomfortable in that bed. It should have just been a generic shot of the camera panning the room with clothes strewn on the floor and then in bed cuddling asleep–with Leslie wearing a t-shirt.

The Just Wrong

Scott McKnight isn’t really that much of a catch. Yeah, he’s an NBA player and a “nice” guy—but he’s not exactly husband material. After they finally had their night of passion (sigh), all it took was Morgan showing up on his doorstep for him to kick Leslie to the curb. Later on, when he magically realizes Leslie is the one for him, he is prepared to run off without a word to Morgan. If she hadn’t got up and stood in his way, he wouldn’t have said jack to her–just ran off to find Leslie. He would have left Morgan in the studio without any idea she’d just been dumped and without a ride home.

Of course, Leslie didn’t see his 2nd “ditch a chick” episode–but the way he treated her should have been enough for her to put the breaks on his big “i love you now and want to spend the rest of my life with you moment”. She should have left him standing right there with his heart-wrenched sincerity. At the very least, she should have made him earn his way back into her heart etc.

Leslie is just so happy that someone finally (finally!) loves her that she doesn’t realize he may not actually be worthy…

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