What we learned on Halloween

Movies viewed:

The Red ShoesRe-cycleForest Of Death

*Writers should be mindful that the characters that they abandon still exists…and don’t appreciate being ditched.

*If you find it raining blood–inside your apartment–you really should take a minute and re-examine your life. You’ve probably pissed someone off.

*Talking to plants is no stranger than talking to animals.

*Late at night and no one else is on the subway platform? You shouldn’t be there either-take a cab!

*Trees don’t like to be laughed at.

*Escape from the monster first–ponder the ramifications of it’s existence later.

*Buy your own shoes! Stealing them doesn’t work out so well…

*Lost & Found–did you find it…or did it find you?

*The creepy old person (in the forest, in your apartment complex, on the park bench) probably knows more than you about the situation at hand.

*Just because someone killed you in a past life, doesn’t mean they’ve worked through their anger issues.

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