Rocky Road


It’s funny to me that as his daughter grows up, Chris Rock (concerned father) will find himself having to deal with societal foolishness exemplified by Chris Rock (the comedian).

For example, I’ve only heard Rock (the comic) address black women/hair in stand-up routines in a very negative way. (ie. you got fake hair, you got fake eyelashes–and you want me to be real!) Now, we have Chris Rock doing a documentary (Good Hair) that delves deeper into black women/hair issues–because of a question from his daughter.

Rock has been a son, a friend, a boyfriend, and a husband …but it’s his role as “daddy” that inspired him see the issue in a new way. Maybe it’s because he sees her as part of himself–and not some “other” that he has to do contend with.

In any case, when she gets older–watch out Papa Rock! I think it was in Never Scared where Stand-Up Comic Rock suggested to women that, “You can’t just whip out a 40 year old titty that’s your man’s titty… 20 year old titty community titty. That’s for all to see.”

I can just envision some lecherous dudes asking Papa Rock, “Yo, Chris! Why you got your girl dressing like a nun? She needs to be showing off them community tit-tays.” I see fisticuffs in his future…

Actually, Rock (the business man) may see another opportunity in that and do a whole new documentary about street harassment/a woman’s body belonging to herself.

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