He asked me to give him a baby…

At least twice this past week on different court/talk shows, a single mother who brought a “baby’s daddy” out for a dna test said, “He asked me to give him a baby–I don’t know why he is denying paternity now! He said he wanted me to have his child.”

Which leaves me to wonder if either of the women asked for anything.  While the mood was right and they were all lovey-dovey, she could have put in a request for a house, a car, jewelry, something.

A man who asks for a baby before asking the potential baby’s mama for her hand in marriage–is really not going to be good husband material, so asking for a wedding is a mistake…

Still, a woman who is being asked to have a child (aka–don’t pester me about wearing a condom) should put in her bid for something decent.

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