Fajardo Photo Gallery

Fajardo is 45 minutes to an hour east of San Juan. We stayed at the El Conquistador Resort and made a pit stop to Old San Juan. The resort is on top of a cliff–but it has a private island, Palomino Island, where guests can go to lay on the beach, ride horses in the sand, etc. Palomino is also home to other animals…who have no problem waiting by your feet for food to drop.

If you want to go for quiet, relaxation, etc – your best bet is to visit El Conquistador Monday – Friday afternoon. Friday night-Sunday, the quiet resort turns into loud, crowded place where you can barely hear yourself think in the lobby.

Fajardo is known for great seafood–and often the restaurants are literally serving the catch of the day.

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  1. Hola T,
    Me gustan tus fotos maravillosas! Muchas gracias por compartir. Un dia me voy a regresar para una visita mas prolongada!
    Que tengas un bello dia.

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