Wake Me On 9/12

9/11 is media black out day. I have absolutely no need to replay that day over and over and over again–so no television, newspapers, etc. While I understand the need for people to tell their stories (how I escaped, how my life has changed because I lost a loved one, etc), I don’t need to bombarded with them.

Every politician has a “heartfelt” quote at the ready–key words: security, safety, terrorism, America. Want to get a politician to shut up? Ask him/her about the health problems plaguing the ground zero area. Suddenly, mouths close and fingers of blame point somewhere else. Ask who should pay for the healthcare of people who inhaled that smoke, asbestos, etc–and politicians disappear. It’s a neat trick. Maybe by 9/11/2011, they will have their quotes and speeches ready to address the problems of 9/11/2006.

On a different note, I wonder if the people who are suckered into buying the as-seen-on-tv 9/11 coin are the same people who would have bought dust from ground zero. (Remember, how people were on eBay trying to sell what was supposed to be dust/remains from the toppled towers?) The silver in the coin is supposed to come from the world trade center itself, so you can have a little piece of the tragedy in your own home!

According to an article I found in the Arizona Republic (8/24/06): “The medallion is advertised as having 15 milligrams of 24-karat gold and being 0.999 pure silver. Based on Wednesday’s closing market price, the amount of gold in them is worth 33 cents and the silver is worth one-sixth of a cent. “

For the special low price of $29.99 (not including shipping and handling), you too can own a piece of shit worth $.33

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