Flavor Of Love

Flavor of Love begs the question–what flavor is flavor flav?  Old stale, bitter coffee that’s been filtered through the sock of an elderly chain-smoking waitress from a filthy Jersey diner? Better yet–who is going to want to be with a woman who been kissed, rubbed on, etc by Flav? Flav looks like he’d leave a lasting impression–like ten years from now a dude kissing a former FOL “contestant” will be tasting bits of Flav left over.

In 1988, Public Enemy’s cd It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back had a song on it called She Watch Channel Zero. Who would believe that almost 20 years later, Flavor Flav is Channel Zero? (And why am I watching this train wreck!)

Haven’t seen a horror movie in the theater since Slither–so I’m going to make an extra effort to see Snakes On A Plane. Women slugging it out in a cave (with each other and ghouls) just isn’t my cup of tea. Samuel L. Jackson cussin’ up a storm, poisonous snakes attacking 37000 feet in the air, members of the mile-high club turning into the die-high club–wait more could you want?

Can someone drop some snakes into the Flavor Of Love mansion–please?

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