Winter Wonderland

It’s snowing. Blizzard conditions. I’m snug and warm indoors. I’m going to watch mysteries on the hallmark channel, have chips and dip, and nap on the sofa. We’ll play best 2 out of 3 scrabble . . and I will be victorious!

I’ll try to catch up with all the movies recorded on the DVR. I’ve already learned that Curse 2: The Bite and Scarecrow Gone Wild were two very, very unnecessary horror sequels.

I will not spend all day surfing the web–that’s what work is for. 🙂

Random Stuff

Why do you like what you like? Do you prefer Pepsi over Coke because it tastes better or because the Pepsi marketing department has struck a chord with you?

Is T.D. Jakes missing a tooth?? Or is that a gold tooth? That’s a gap? Damn. Why am I all up in this man’s mouth anyway.

Match Game PM is the best game show ever.

The state of my union is fine–almost 9 years. The state of the NY transit union is uncertain. The state of the onion? It’s America’s Finest News Source.

I need another vacation.

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