Tuesday Terror: The Guardian (1990)

A yuppie couple hires Camilla to look after their newborn. Little do they know, their new nanny is a Druid who kidnaps babies to fuse/sacrifice them to a special tree (the kids become wood carvings). There are wolves…and a killer tree. Yeah. Unlike other family centered horror movies, it’s the father who knows something isContinue reading “Tuesday Terror: The Guardian (1990)”

Tuesday Terror: Tintorera (1977)

A killer tiger shark chomps on tourists and playboys off the coast of a Mexican island. Sounds like a run-of-the-mill Jaws rip off, right? Tintorera has something I didn’t expect—lots of (soft core) nudity. You don’t see the sex, but there are plenty of “next morning” shots of naked bodies (ass cheeks up!) stretched out.Continue reading “Tuesday Terror: Tintorera (1977)”