How To Survive #3 – The Cemetery Is Not A Hangout Spot

Pay your respects and go home. Grief can make people do irrational things. Adding alcohol and drugs to the mix and you may accidentally set yourself up to be haunted by an evil spirit.  If you’re not ready to let a loved one go, raising the dead may seem like a good idea. Remember–what goesContinue reading “How To Survive #3 – The Cemetery Is Not A Hangout Spot”

How to Survive #2 – Do Your Own Property Research

There is a reason that house is so cheap. It’s a beautiful house with a lovely garden. Yes, the neighbors all keep their distance, but look at those fabulous fireplace! It may not bother you that your dream home is the scene of several gruesome or that the previous owners called forth demons from theContinue reading “How to Survive #2 – Do Your Own Property Research”