WILTW: Vichyssoise (Pardon Moi?)

Yesterday, I took a cooking class at The Culinary Conference Center: Soups And More. This was a very hands-on class where everyone got an apron, a hat and chopped/diced/rolled/stirred or whatever was needed. In 4 hours, Executive Chef Rick Low guided us through seven recipes: turkey consomme, acorn squash-pear puree, vichyssoise, spinach and cheese stromboli,Continue reading “WILTW: Vichyssoise (Pardon Moi?)”

The Strange and Brief Relationship of Mr. Ferdi and Mr. Eggplant

When Mr. George Eggplant, Esq, moved into the neighborhood, he quickly struck up a friendship with the jovial Mr. Ferdi. They got along so well that the relationship took an amorous turn. Within days of their new-found closeness, Mr. Ferdi discovered that he couldn’t move a hoof without it falling under the shadow of Mr.Continue reading “The Strange and Brief Relationship of Mr. Ferdi and Mr. Eggplant”