To hell with Dell Customer Service

I got up this morning and changed my graphics card all by myself–without the benefit of coffee! I exchanged the 16mb video card that came with this scrap heap for a brand spanking new 256mb card. I can finally start playing new PC games again.

I originally contacted Dell support for help with the upgrade and they were useless. They were trying to steer me to a stupid 64mb card from their online store but couldn’t answer any of my questions. I ended up having to contact ATI- the company who manufactured the original card. I explained my problem and he knew more about my computer’s capacity than the Dell so-called support. He told me exactly what product I needed and assured me that I could make the switch myself–he was right!

I feel good. In fact . . . maybe I’ll stop by the Game Stop today . . .

Winter Wonderland

It’s snowing. Blizzard conditions. I’m snug and warm indoors. I’m going to watch mysteries on the hallmark channel, have chips and dip, and nap on the sofa. We’ll play best 2 out of 3 scrabble . . and I will be victorious!

I’ll try to catch up with all the movies recorded on the DVR. I’ve already learned that Curse 2: The Bite and Scarecrow Gone Wild were two very, very unnecessary horror sequels.

I will not spend all day surfing the web–that’s what work is for. 🙂

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