Time passes . . .

I’ve been busy:

  • celebrated another year
  • saw a conference I helped organize come into being
  • discovered the joy of Irish Cheddar (aged 2 years)
  • planning to see Sisters In Law and Slither
  • catching up with the hellraiser series thanks to Netflix
  • romancing M
  • catching up on everything at work
  • building up the nerve to write something, good or bad
  • reading other blogs
  • buying candles
  • eating too many fried foods
  • engaging in an exciting fantasy life
  • forgetting to recharge my cellphone battery
  • thinking about moving to a bigger space
  • being a good daughter
  • contemplating Queen Latifah’s curves
  • staying up too late watching tv
  • drinking enough water
  • discovering that Noah’s Arc really was the best thing on Logo

I’ll Take Prisons For $100 Alex

I was taking the bus home and witnessed an event both funny and sad. At one point, a little boy got excited and started pointing at a window. “That’s a prison, Mommy, isn’t it?” He was shouting and smiling–like he expected a cookie or something for getting it right.

Actually, he was wrong–very wrong. What he pointed out as a prison was actually the parking lot for a local college. He saw the parking attending and chainlink fence and automatically associated it with prison. Even worse, his mama didn’t correct him–she didn’t know what it was. 😦

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